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Lago Vista High School

Lago Vista, TX
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 442


Lago Vista High School
5185 Lohmans Ford Rd.
Lago Vista, TX 78666
(512) 267-8300 x2500
Lago Vista High School is located in Lago Vista, TX and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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This school is great and the changes that the schools is making to the staff will just make even better. Very happy with what is happening!
This is a terrible place. I can tell you this because I was there from kindergarten-graduation. Not only is there nepotism, but the school drove out one of the best teachers it had just because the superintendent was being controlled by the principal who had a personal vendetta against her. A new teacher (coach too) was added and the ability for him to teach was nowhere. The school also has little to no policy in place for dealing with stalkers and creeps. When a stalker was reported, nothing was done to protect me. I was told to carry a pocket knife and phone when walking places on campus. Other than that, the learning atmosphere was not there because there were few electives offered. Some of the teachers were in their own possy too. Students were not rewarded for doing well. You only got notice if you were related to the faculty, or your mom was involved. My sibling was in special ed and they gave that group of kids nothing to do all day besides watch movies. The teachers in that department had no parent contact to decide what was best for the kids. If you think moving to Lago Vista, they have a new high school since I left, but please understand it is all the same individuals.
The school has young administrators that either have a conservative political agena based on hierarchical intrigues in the community or they have a wide procedural knowledge but no practical common sense experience when dealing with students and teachers. They are oriented toward rule making and conformity rather than free thinking and learning. Conformity and consistency are the end all for this district. It is a small district and nepotism is tolarated in their employment system. This causes a variety of issues that should not exist in public education. It is a very odd district.
Majority rules in this school. High percentage of students have little to no parental guidance and/or involvement, therefore, the teachers and staff, teach and interact with that mindset. If your child behaves and works hard they are invisible, unless they're related to a teacher or staff. On a more specific note. There are a handful of incredibly devoted teachers and a handful of incredibly disgruntled and/or harmful teachers. The rest are average. All but one staff/official are standoffish and more often than not, do not respond to problem's brought to their attention.
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