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The City of Mansfield: Overview

Mansfield is a mid-sized city in southern Tarrant County that has experienced a lot of growth over the past two decades both as the DFW region grew and as high-end, bedroom communities became more popular. Its growth, cost of living, and master-planned neighborhoods plus its sought-after school district frequently secures Mansfield as one of the best places to live in the country.

Around Mansfield

Manfield’s roots are in farming, and though the area is a bit posher these days, the town is still reminiscent of a simpler time. While properties in many surrounding cities are fairly small, backyards in Mansfield still boast generous acreage and the city has designated much land as trail and park space. While residents will have to travel farther out now to see actual farms, they readily turn to Mansfield as a peaceful breath of fresh air compared to nearby big cities Dallas and Fort Worth. Mansfield has a rapidly growing healthcare industry, anchored by the well-regarded Methodist medical center and surrounded by doctors filling every possible specialty niche. This is also a welcome respite to locals who tired of having to travel to Arlington or Fort Worth previously in search of quality medical care. Residents can also take advantage of the town’s booming day spa and medical aesthetics practices.

The cost of living in Mansfield reflects the city’s median household income: higher than surrounding towns. Residents should expect to pay more than nearly any area in neighboring Arlington and many areas in Fort Worth. In exchange for higher home prices, however, residents get newer build construction, larger properties and access to better community amenities and a highly ranked school district. Property taxes are also higher in Mansfield than surrounding areas, reflecting the higher home pricing. As a percentage of value, however, property taxes in Mansfield are in line and sometimes lower than other parts of Tarrant County.

Mass transportation is not offered within the city of Mansfield, making cars a necessity. Although most of the city features well-kept sidewalks, it’s often too hot for residents to walk or bike, although some do in cooler weather. Ride-sharing services are popular with residents in Mansfield who do not have a vehicle or are looking for a ride for special events.

Mansfield Independent School District is one of the fastest growing districts in the state of Texas with nearly constant construction going on at new schools and upgrading nearly-new schools. Most MISD students live in Mansfield, but the district also serves small portions of Arlington, Grand Prairie and Burleson with even smaller areas in other surrounding towns also attending. The district has the dubious distinction of being the last in the entire country to desegregate in 1965. MISD is home to 6 high schools, 6 middle schools, 6 intermediate schools and 23 elementary schools, almost all opened within the last 20 years.

Mansfield is a vibrant community that schedules events far more regularly for its residents than many other towns of its size. From the St. Patrick’s Day Pickle Parade to 4th of July extravaganzas and wintertime seasonal events, residents rarely have to leave town in search of fun. The town also has a Hawaiian Falls water park, many city parks and sports fields and trails, an activities center with weekly programming, senior-related events, a popular library with regular classes offered and various nature programs.


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