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Vernon Elementary School

Kenosha, WI
  • Public
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 294


Vernon Elementary School
8518 22nd Avenue
Kenosha, WI 53143
(262) 359-2113
Vernon Elementary School is located in Kenosha, WI and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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Depressing. That’s the best word I would use to describe this school. My child is in kindergarten and I’m not sure I will keep them enrolled the rest of the year. They never send homework,all supplies are shared sooo yeah all those namebrand crayons and markers I bought,my child doesn’t even have ownership of. Bullying is taken lightly in my opinion and 5y olds are instructed to not “tattle” And resolve the issues between themselves and only come to teacher as a last resort which in theory sounds wise but when your 5yo child comes to you and says they’ve been trying to reason with a student to stop touching and trying to kiss them and the student is not listening but they’re afraid to tell the teacher then suddenly it seems idiotic. Does a 5yo comprehend when something should not be handled amongst themselves and an adult should be involved? They’ve shown movies without asking for permission. When I went to eat lunch,the lunch ladies were very loud and yelling at the children in a way that made me,a full grown woman, uncomfortable. My child expresses that they are bored and that the students that are rowdy disrupt the entire class and make it hard to learn. No homework is sent home ever. They believe students best learn from one another so they sit at tables which I understand is pretty standard for kindergarten but I would like to be aware of what my child is learning and doing for some 30 odd hours a week. All of that aside however, the most compelling reason I am giving this review is the simply unnaceptable report card scores on the DPI website. The student growth section is so low it’s disturbing. What is the purpose of sending a child to school other than to receive an education?? Vernon has the second lowest score in the kusd and had the lowest last year. Where is the accountability for that? I made the mistake of assuming all schools have to be up to certain standards but I was sadly mistaken. Do not assume that the school is your boundaries is an acceptable school for your childs education. If you are considering this school,please please reconsider. Just about any other school would be better.
The principal at this school has problems dealing with kids who need the extra discipline. She is rarely at the school for the entire day and has poor communication skills. Bullying is a major concern and the school does not want to deal directly with these parents. Over all the teachers are great. They agree with the issues at the school but like to keep out of it when it comes to dealing directly with the principal.
We are very disappointed in the way things get handled at Vernon. My kids were always in a hurry to get home so they could use the bathroom. They both told me that they are unable to use the bathroom at school. Upon asking I was told its only allowed during passing periods like on the way to art etc. Also they shut off the lights during lunch when kids talk. They would say "Chew time". Previously at another Kenosha school they could talk but had to keep it on a level 2 or 3 but at Vernon they can't talk at all. This is unreasonable, these kids are at school 32 hours a week they shouldn't be treated this way. My son was also shoved into a locker his first week and he told a teacher and she didn't believe him. The kids on my block left Vernon because of bullying and the principal siding with the perpetrator. I took my kids out of there but feel bad for the rest.
The principal at this school floats along. She only up dates the web site for the school once, twice a year. The school sends home announcements the day before things happen so you can't prepare for school activities. I would not recommend sending your child to this school if you can avoid it!! Pick another great school like Bose, Southport, or Curtis Strange. I know they are Great schools with great principals that care about your children!!!! I know this because my adult children went to them years ago and most of the staff are still there.
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