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10 Atlanta Neighborhoods Where You Can Afford a Home Based on the City's Median Income

Living in a city full of resplendent real estate doesn’t feel as welcoming if you can’t afford to buy a home. How affordable is Atlanta? In order to find out, we researched where you can buy a home based on the city’s average household income. According to U.S. Census data, the median income for Fulton County, Georgia (where Atlanta is located) is $66,500.

What mortgage can you afford in Atlanta on a $66,500 salary?

As we’ve covered in detail before, there are a variety of factors to take into account when determining the mortgage you can afford. It’s not just the money you have coming in. You have to take into account the amount you have for a down payment and closing costs, your credit score, and any debt payments (looking at you, student loans).

In addition to that, you’ll want to pay attention to any Homeowners’ Association fees attached to your new home, which can add an extra $200-$500 to your monthly mortgage payments.

For our calculations, we used the average down payment for first-time homebuyers (between 5 and 10 percent), the average monthly student debt payment ($334 per month), and the average American’s credit score (673 as of 2017). NerdWallet has a great calculator that lets you punch in these different factors to calculate the mortgage you can afford. 

A mortgage of $218,587 would give you a monthly mortgage payment of $1,661. Now, this isn’t to say that if you’re making $66,500 per year, you can definitely afford this kind of mortgage. But based on these numbers, here are 10 Atlanta neighborhoods you could afford on a salary of $66,500.

(Note: The following median sale prices are derived from current listings instead of historical neighborhood data.)

Typical home in the Pittsburgh neighborhood

10. Pittsburgh

Median Sale Price: $127,500

Located southwest of downtown Atlanta, Pittsburgh was originally named for its resemblance to the industrial city that shares its name. These days, it’s an up-and-coming, mostly residential neighborhood. This neighborhood has seen rising prices—likely due to its proximity to downtown and its greenspaces like Pittman Park.

English Ave. has great proximity to downtown

9. English Avenue

Median Sale Price: $138,950

If proximity to downtown Atlanta is key for you, English Avenue might be right up your alley. With the establishment of local parks and annual festivals, there’s been a push to attract new homebuyers in recent years.

You can also find your new go-to restaurant here with English Avenue’s options for scrumptious fare. Love to brunch? West Egg Cafe and Thumbs Up Diner serve delicious dishes that’ll fill your appetite and your Instagram feed. Nearby All Flats Cafe, Mango’s, and K&K’s Soul Food also serve up mouth-watering dishes.

Shady Homes in Hunters Hill

8. Hunter Hills

Median Sale Price: $159,250

Looking for something to do on the weekend? The well-priced Hunter Hills boasts close proximity to many Atlanta activities. The neighborhood is bordered by Washington Park Tennis Center and the Washington Park Natatorium. For outdoor recreation, you can visit Mozley Park or follow the Lionel Hampton Trail that runs through the neighborhood.

Exterior of colorful house with trees in background.

7. Venetian Hills

Median Sale Price: $169,900

Looking for affordable yet spacious lots? Check out Venetian Hills. Even though housing prices have been on the rise in this neighborhood over the past three years, buyers love this neighborhood for how far their dollar can stretch when buying a home. You can also look forward to enjoying cajun, seafood, and vegan restaurants in the area.

6. Campbellton Road

Median Sale Price: $180,000

The neighborhood of Campbellton Road refers to the stretch of road by the same name between I-285/US-29 and GA-166. Residents enjoy relatively secluded homes which are also highly connected to everything in Atlanta via this main thoroughfare.

Looking for somewhere close to home to grab a bite? Campbellton Road is home to a number of mom-and-pop restaurants. Put the neighborhood favorite, Atlanta’s Fish House & Grill, on your “must do” list for some mouth-watering fare. Better yet, it’s locally owned, and you can’t beat the prices.

Suburban home in shaded residential street.
Enjoy the colors of Adams Park

5. Adams Park

Median Sale Price: $181,500

Located on the southwest side of Atlanta, the neighborhood of Adams Park is full of character. The average home price here is $181,500, making it an attractive neighborhood for homebuyers seeking more bang for their buck. Adams Park is a haven of greenspaces, home to both the namesake park and the Alfred Tup Holmes Golf Course.

4. Hammond Park

Median Sale Price: $199,999

Hammond Park is noticeably more hilly than other neighborhoods. In this mostly residential community, you’ll find a predominance of single-family homes built in the mid-twentieth century. These cottage-style homes surrounded by towering trees will give you Brady Bunch vibes. It’s a lovely little spot, and you can enjoy a variety of commercial outposts on Cleveland Avenue, along Hammond Park’s northern border.

View of Atlanta skyline in residential neighborhood.
View from Mechanicsville

3. Mechanicsville

Median Sale Price: $214,900

Mechanicsville is an established residential neighborhood full of affordable homes. The median sale price for a home here is $214,900. Mechanicsville borders two major highways (20 and 85), giving commuters quick and easy access to the rest of the city.

What’s more, the neighborhood has one of the best views of the Gold Dome and  Downtown. In the community garden at Rosa Burney Park, a variety of fresh produce—including squash, tomatoes, and melons—is grown.

Beautiful homes in Washington Park

2. Washington Park

Median Sale Price: $214,950

In Washington Park, the median sale price for a home is $214,950, giving you a bit more wiggle room than Sylvan Hills. The neighborhood has seen a spike in home values in the last three years. According to data, in February of 2016, the average home price was only $29,000.

The neighborhood is a draw for those who want a small-town feel while still being close to Atlanta. Washington Park is filled with a variety of single-family homes, bungalows, and historic houses. While those historic homes will cost you more, they’re still more affordable than similar homes in other neighborhoods.

Exterior of colorful green home with patio.
You'll love exploring Sylvan Hills 

1. Sylvan Hills

Median Sale Price: $218,500

Sylvan Hills is at the very top of the price point for the average Atlanta income. Sylvan Hills is a predominantly residential neighborhood where you’ll find a handful of historic homes and bungalows-a-plenty. The neighborhood has seen rising housing costs thanks to new development, but it’s still known for its affordability.

In Summary...

With plenty of neighborhoods where you can afford a mortgage on a $66,500 salary, Atlanta is a friendly city for first-time homebuyers. Now, just remember that if you’re making that salary, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to afford a $218,587 home. You’ll want to factor in other expenses (like childcare) before calculating what kind of mortgage is right for you.

Having a real estate agent who knows the area is key too. Luckily, we have you covered on that one.

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