5 Neighborhoods in Dallas for Getting Involved

Humans are sociable by nature, and we haven’t gotten this far without building communities where we live to connect, protect, and uplift one another. In Dallas, there’s plenty of neighborhoods where this sentiment holds true. If you wish to live in a neighborhood in which you can get involved with events or volunteer efforts, there’s plenty to choose from in Dallas. Check out all the neighborhoods where you can connect with your neighbors and build a safe, reliable, fun place to live.

Hillcrest Forest

Hillcrest Public High School in Preston Hollow / Photo by  lawlektjana / CC BY-SA

The Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association is very active in the Hillcrest Forest neighborhood in North Dallas near I-635. They notify those living in the community about updates on zoning issues or activities through newsletters and emails. A 4th of July Parade is held annually, and they often have events for neighbors to meet or to discuss books at a monthly book club held at the Preston Hollow Library. There are two private security patrols within the neighborhood, one of which is supported financially by the Hillcrest Forest Neighborhood Association. In the past, the association has worked with City Council on rezoning and neighborhood concerns, donated to build a rest area on a trail, and even donated money to the neighborhood school. It’s only $15 to join the association—which isn’t too shabby considering the community involvement and events this family-friendly neighborhood provides.

Munger Place

Historic Homes in the Munger Place District / Photo by renelibrary / CC BY-SA

Munger Place in East Dallas boasts a vast collection of Prairie-style homes, which earned the neighborhood U.S. National Register of Historic Places designation. It may be a historic district, but the residents have a very youthful and engaging personality and that appears in the many events and activities that take place here. Munger Place likes to engage with the larger Dallas community through Munger Place Home Tours or a neighborhood Wine Walks where visitors can enter different homes and enjoy a glass of wine. Volunteers help out with these events as well as with advertising, copy writing, or graphic design of their website and newsletter and through off-duty police patrols. While some of their events welcome outside visitors, there are neighborhood-only block parties and home tours that take place with the help of the Munger Place Historic District Association.

Forest Hills

Botanical Gardens in Forest Hills / Photo by sporst / CC BY

Forest Hills is a very close-knit East Dallas neighborhood near White Rock Lake. The Forest Hills Neighborhood Association only has two neighborhood meetings per year, but they throw plenty of events in between like an Easter egg hunt, a 4th of July parade and picnic, Halloween Fest, and a holiday tree lighting. There are multiple clubs within the neighborhood, including garden and book clubs, as well as programs to encourage play dates between families. A Senior Buddy program encourages neighbors to help their elderly neighbors with getting to and from events or assisting them during storms. You can volunteer to be on pet watch (connecting lost animals with owners) or to clean up the neighborhood’s shoreline area at White Rock Lake.


Walking & Biking Trail dedication at Elmwood Park / Photo by Kennethrdensen / CC BY-SA

Elmwood attracts residents with its charming cottages, location in Oak Cliff, and youthful vibe. It’s only $10 per person to join the Elmwood Neighborhood Association, with dues going to help this neighborhood thrive. Volunteers work to plant trees and keep the creek at Elmwood Park clean. In addition to monthly or quarterly meetings with the board and the neighbors, there’s also events like PetFest, National Neighborhood Night Out, and a Falls Fest neighborhood party. Neighbors are very involved in a Crime Watch and working together with other associations under the Oak Cliff umbrella.

Lakewood Hills

Walking and Biking trail at White Rock Lake

Residents in Lakewood Hills, located on the south side of White Rock Lake, love to be involved in their neighborhood association, and that’s because they host some fun events. Dues for the neighborhood association are only $25 for families and $12 for senior citizens, and they goes toward things like neighborhood garage sales and socials. The neighborhood is very club-oriented with a Men’s Club and a Ladies Night Out group, as well as a book club, and Gourmet Dinner Club. Volunteers can work as Block Captains, who connect with residents and assist with passing out signs or answering questions. Others volunteer with beautification projects or Pet Watch programs.


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