San Diego Real Estate Development

500-Foot Spire Will Be Showpiece of San Diego Seaport Project

A $1.5 billion waterfront development is in the works for Port of San Diego. Called “Seaport San Diego,” the plans involve the renovation of an unused area of old tourist attractions, a fish-processing facility, and a cluster of parking lots. The site consists of 70 acres — 30 of which include bay water, and 14 acres of Seaport Village.

As reported by San Diego Metro, the plans include a 500-foot observation tower that resembles a modern-looking spire, a mixed-use development that will include a school, an aquarium, and a two-level underground parking garage.

Rendering courtesy of Protea Waterfront 

The biggest challenge thus far is the development of the observation tower, The Spire, that will include gondolas and use virtual reality tours tol show visitors what life was like in the region 1,000 years ago. The technology must be able to evolve to keep up with future advancements. Protea Waterfront Development team leader Yehudi Gaffen said, “Eight years from now, when this project is ready to go, we have to be ready.”

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