Want to be surrounded by as many people as possible in Los Angeles (for some reason)? Head to Koreatown where there are 42,611 people per square mile, the most of any neighborhood in town. The 2.7 square-mile area boasts a population around 120,000 and you might think that means they’ve run out of room to grow.

Au contraire.

As Curbed LA has mapped out, there are over 30 new buildings proposed or under construction in this central site and assuming most of them get built you can bet those population numbers are going to soar. Not every project is residential but among those that are will be thousands of apartments and condos likely to engulf the enclave in millennial residents and rising housing prices.

Edan Cohen/Flickr

There is concern about what all of this development will do to longtime residents who won’t be able to keep up. Koreatown's median income is already lower than the overall LA median and new units will skew towards the luxury, or at least market-rate, side.

For those who can afford to, there will be plenty of options to buy. A 16-story, mixed-use project at the corner of Hobart Boulevard and 6th Street will include condos, a seven-story condo tower will be added to the Wilshire Galleria development, and 228 condos will be part of a proposed complex at 1054 S. Vermont Avenue. And there’s sure to be more opportunities to come.

Ironically, one of the densest parts of Los Angeles will be one of the most inviting to new buyers in the years to come.


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