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Approved State Bill Will Speed Up LA Clippers' Arena Project

The Los Angeles Clippers and Inglewood city planners have less to worry about since California’s Board of Supervisors backed a proposed state bill last week that would ease the review process for the team’s planned area. The Senate bill, known as SB-789: California Environmental Quality Act, received support from the board after a 3-0 vote. Several amendments were added to the proposal this past month in order to address concerns from residents, environmentalists, and small business owners, as well as expedite the process

Opponents of the upcoming arena project worried that building a new facility would not only dramatically increase traffic in the area, it would also take a toll on the environment. Locals have also voiced frustrations about how the arena’s construction would displace two blocks of residential area, several mom-and-pop businesses, and a church.

To alleviate some of these issues, the approved Senate bill states that the project will generate 30,000 full-time jobs, promote alternative means of transportation, and even apply innovative measures to reduce traffic, air quality impact, and greenhouse gas emissions. A previous version of SB-789 stated the city could take non-residential properties through eminent domain, but this was not included in the latest draft.

The Clippers’ contract with the Staples Center ends in 2024. They have already given Inglewood a deposit of $1.5 million to make the arena deal happen.

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