Inglewood Approves Revised Clippers Arena Deal Following Community Pushback

The drama continues for the Los Angeles Clippers’ proposed sports arena in Inglewood. After considering residents’ concerns, the City Council voted unanimously earlier this week to approve an updated 36-month agreement with the Clippers company Murphy’s Bowl LLC. The crux of the revised proposal decreases the area where the potential stadium would be built so that a church and homes aren’t displaced.

The original contract between Clippers owner Steve Ballmer and the City Council was first approved back in June. The previous plan proposed four blocks where the arena would be constructed, which would include a practice facility, office space, and parking lots. Two of the blocks outlined in the plans were residential areas that included single-family homes and apartments even though the deal stated these structures as “potential participating parcels.”

So far, the Clippers deal has given Inglewood two lawsuits and several protests from residents and small business owners. Chris Meany, the development manager for the Clippers project, suggested that much of the opposition has been stirred up by Madison Square Garden Co. (MSG), the owners of the nearby Forum, which has openly opposed the plans.

The Clippers have already given Inglewood a deposit of $1.5 million for the deal, but Tuesday’s heated discussions show exactly how divided the community is about this upcoming project.

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