Houston’s Post Oak Boulevard is getting a makeover that will transform the city’s Uptown and Galleria areas. Construction is underway on the project, which aims to make the street greener and more transit-friendly. 

Part of the plan involves adding 800 live oaks to the street, not only for for beautification, but to filter the air, provide shade, and absorb water. Besides the two rows of trees, the street will get dedicated bus lanes, connecting the area to the Northwest Transit Center. The goal is to turn the street into 136-foot boulevard that emulates Chicago’s Michigan Avenue.

The project also plans to tap into existing highway HOV lanes to make the commute to Uptown easier for workers. 

Pedestrian improvements to the street are underway, too. Both sides of the street will have 12-foot sidewalks under the canopy of live oaks and “unique lighting.”

Construction is on schedule and plans to wrap up by late 2018.