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La Jolla Shores Obtain Two Modern Design Home Build Projects

La Jolla Shores is getting not one but two new additions that will alter the shape of the neighborhood. At a Nov. 20 meeting, the Permit Review Committee (PRC) gave the go-ahead for two modern-designed home projects.

According to La Jolla Light, the two projects are 8247 Paseo Del Ocaso and 8361 Del Oro Court.

The Paseo Del Ocaso lot, initially a 1,900-square-foot single-story residence, will be demolished and rebuilt as a 4,332-square-foot two-story, single-family residence. In addition to the two floors, this new property will also have a basement and roof deck. The first floor (1,492 square feet) will be smaller than its second floor (1,743 square feet). The average home on the block is 2,000 square feet.

The Del Oro Court lot will demolish its current 2,875-square-foot single-story to construct a 5,259-square-foot single-story residence. The property will have a pool, pool bath, spa, three-car garage, 400-square-foot roof deck, five bedrooms, and six bathrooms. PRC chair Dave Gordon told the paper, “I think the architecture fits in with that of [nearby houses].”

For future projects, an applicant checklist will be created in order to ensure all neighbors are on board with the planned changes.

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