Avondale might be considered the quiet neighbor to the flashier Logan Square, but people are starting to take notice of all that this North Side community has to offer. Travel guide company Lonely Planet has named Avondale one of the 10 hottest neighborhoods to visit in the country.

Lonely Planet points out that Avondale, which doesn’t have any hotels, isn’t exactly the center of tourism in Chicago; instead, it has a residential atmosphere. Yet, the Lonely Planet takes notice of Avondale’s delicious restaurant scene and unique entertainment options.

The metal-themed burgers of Kuma’s Corner’s and the crave-worthy dishes at Honey Butter Fried Chicken push Avondale into the spotlight. Lonely Planet also points to the Prop Thtr, a small theater that puts on a diverse range of shows.

Lonely Planet urges readers to visit the neighborhood soon before the inevitable wave of change takes over and makes Avondale into something new. While change might be on the horizon, Avondale’s residents are in no hurry to see their neighborhood swept away. A group of small business owners are banding together to seek zoning control along a busy stretch of Milwaukee Avenue. They want to have a say in what new developments settle in Avondale.