A recent study done by personal finance company SmartAsset shows that nine of the Bay Area’s cities are the greenest for families in 2017.

SmartAsset ranked 446 of the largest cities in America to determine the most family-based green cities. The study used 11 metrics to determine the results, five of which assessed quality of life for families. The other six metrics determined how environmentally friendly the city is by looking at air quality data, use of renewable energy, and the average household carbon footprint.

It’s no secret that the Bay Area strives for clean and green communities. Between recycling efforts, LEED building, and conservation goals, there is no lack of looking for ways to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

The highest-ranked California city is Mountain View, coming in at No. 7, tied with Beaverton, Oregon. Mountain View’s clean air and high education ratings are what pushed it to the top.

Not too far behind, at No. 9, is San Francisco. The city tied with Boulder, Colorado thanks to its low carbon footprint, farmers markets, and low unemployment rates. 

Below are the other Bay Area cities that made it to the top 25 best green cities for families:

  1. Sunnyvale
  2. South San Francisco
  3. Alameda
  4. Berkeley
  5. San Mateo
  6. Palo Alto
  7. Daly City