The NFL's Chargers have already left San Diego so there isn't much longtime fans and residents can do with all their pent-up anger. They could, however, redirect it at a street,

A seven-block stretch of road in San Diego's Clairemont neighborhood is known as Charger Boulevard. Although the name is coincidental and unrelated to the NFL franchise who called the city home for so long, some locals would like to see that reminder scrubbed clean and replaced with a new name. The replacement name? One-time Clairemont resident Mark Hamill, a.k.a. Luke Skywalker. Hamill lived in the neighborhood and attended school for a few years as a boy.

In order to make the change, a petition would have to be circulated to all property owners along the street and at least 25 percent of them would have to sign it in favor of the switch. There are 12 houses along Charger Blvd., so it doesn't sound all that hard. However, then a "Street Name Change Coordinator" would have to figure out the costs involved and provide that info to the city. From there, the San Diego City Council would have to approve the change.

Fans don't have too many ways to stick it to pro teams when they decide to leave town, perhaps this'll have to do.


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