Oak Lawn, the Chicago suburb, is poised to be one of Chicagoland's hot neighborhoods in 2017. This week, the real estate brokerage Redfin ranked the neighborhood among the top three to watch this year. Also in the top three? Woodlawn and Belmont Gardens, both in Chicago proper.

The report cites the neighborhood's close proximity to Chicago, more space and land available, high number of renovated homes, and a Metra stop that provides easy commuting to the Loop. There's also two big employment hubs in the neighborhood itself, the Lawn Medical Center and St. Xavier University.

The median home price in Oak Lawn is $156,500. In Woodlawn it's $110,000, and in Belmont Gardens it's $243,000.

Redfin culled the rankings of the top 3 hottest neighborhoods in the country's largest metro areas based on pageviews and favorites on Redfin pages and input from real estate agents.


Redfin Predicts the Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017