Phoenix Neighborhood News

Phoenix Puts Flex Posts Between Drivers and Bicyclists to Increase Safety

After six months of design and implementation, Phoenix joins other cities and states by introducing a physical barrier between drivers and bicyclists called flex posts, per ABC15.

 The posts are flexible bollards within a painted buffer zone, which allows bicyclists more protection from drivers who aimlessly cross over into designated bike lanes. Green paint was also used in various spots to add visibility and identify areas where bicycle and car traffic might mix, according to the city’s website

 The first area to use the posts, engineered by bike aficionado Christin DeLuca, is 15th Avenue between Van Buren and Jefferson in Central City. Along with visibility and awareness, he hopes the posts will also help prevent illegal parking in bike lanes.

 The initiative is part of a larger bicycle safety master plan the city will implement over the next five years. The city has already added its first bike traffic signal at the intersection of 12th Street and Campbell Avenue in Camelback East Village and street signs to discourage bicyclists from riding against traffic.

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