The creative district called Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix has just been named as one of the “25 Hottest Neighborhoods in America” by HotSpot.

In order to determine which neighborhoods rose above, HotSpot looked at factors such as walkability, transit, economy, entertainment, lifestyle, pet friendliness, outdoor activities, and weather. They then rated each neighborhood across the metrics on a scale of 1-100.

Scoring a total of 72 points, good for 24th overall, was Phoenix’s burgeoning arts district that connects downtown to historic Garfield, Evans Churchill, and FQ Story.

Scoring highest on weather and walkability, the neighborhood is in a climate haven with Phoenix’s nearly year-round sunny skies allowing plenty of opportunities to take advantage of the outdoors. The area hosts multiple events like First Fridays where galleries, venues, and street merchants spotlight local artists. The area has a multitude of shopping and dining options and provides “vampire hours” for businesses and shoppers looking to beat the heat.

Lifestyle, budget, and transit also scored well. The city’s Transportation 2050 initiative, which expands investment in infrastructure, safety improvements, and light rail construction, has been met with rave reviews by residents. Most recently, the city added flex posts, which helps to provide a physical barrier between bicyclists and drivers.

When it comes to entertainment, Roosevelt Row could stand to improve. There certainly are some good restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in the region, though perhaps not nearly as many as the No. 1 neighborhood on the list, San Francisco’s Mission.