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Sahuarita Farms Aims Upcoming 'Agrihood' at Millennials

Ten years ago, moving to a master-planned community situated around a golf course spoke volumes about one’s status. Today, the golf course community represents something different while planned communities that cultivate greenspace, incorporate green design, and provide farm-to-table opportunities are the hot trend. 

Per Business Insider, developers are heeding the desires of millennial buyers who want to have active outdoor lifestyles, eat healthy, and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They’re outfitting communities with agricultural elements — think rows of fruit trees, greenhouses, and working farms — and these “agrihoods” are popping up all across the country.

Major cities like Atlanta, Phoenix, and Fort Collins have already welcomed the idea with about 150 agricultural-focused communities already in existence. Communities such as The Cannery in Davis, California, have found a lot of success attracting homebuyers even at a time when the housing market feels impenetrable to many.

In Sahuarita, located just outside of Tucson, a group led by Crown Community Development is currently trying to create a farm-to-table agrihood of its own called Sahuarita Farms.

The plan calls for 12 miles of riverfront property along the Santa Cruz River to be turned into a fully sustainable community. Pecan trees will be incorporated into community groves while the existing farmlands will be preserved. The community will eventually comprise 19,000 residences, which include traditional single family homes, condominiums, apartments, patio homes, and age-restricted and assisted living units. The community will be divided into four Community Villages, with the Town/River Center serving as the urban core, The Groves will serve as the place for businesses, River Park as the primary residential area, and Valle Vista as the agricultural hub. 

Though interested millennials should keep an eye on developments at Sahuarita Farms, be prepared for a modest wait. The property is currently expected to be developed over a 40-to-50-year timeframe, though the initial phases could begin soon.

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