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Springwoods Village to Continue Expansion With Business Campuses, New Residences

While there are a number of impressive master-planned communities across Houston, Springwoods Village is anticipated to experience some of the greatest growth. The 2,000 acre mixed-use community is positioned north of downtown Houston and south of The Woodlands. Tucked into the intersection of I-45, Hardy Toll Road, and Grand Parkway, Springwoods Village has access to every major part of the city. In 2018, it plans to continue its strong growth, but what’s the secret to its popularity?

Rendering courtesy of Springwoods Village

A year ago, ABC reported that ExxonMobil would be moving 1,600 new jobs to Houston. An initial 1,200 staffers were planned to transfer to Exxon’s Spring campus by 2018, which drove a need for homes in the immediate area. To meet the needs of local Exxon employees, Springwoods Village was developed around Exxon’s facility. Soon after, it became home to many of the employees transitioning into the area. With the shift in employees, Exxon currently employs a total of 10,000 employees at its Spring location. 

Now, Springwoods Village is building on that success. As documented by the Houston Chronicle, construction in the community is set to bring on two new campuses for both the American Bureau of Shipping and Hewlett-Packard. The HP campus is anticipated to employ up to 2,400 employees while the ABS campus is expected to bring on another 600 employees. 

The development is consistent with the mixed-use vision of Springwoods Village, which was designed to become a location at which Houstonians could both live and work. The business campuses will employ many of the surrounding residents, but there are also numerous commercial developments happening across the area. The Market at Springwoods Village opened in November with 170,000 square feet of shopping space. With its numerous restaurants and stores, The Market has become a popular destination for residents as well as an employer for many living in the area. Part of the community’s growth in 2017 also included the opening of The Park CityPlace, a luxury apartment community inside the village.

Rendering courtesy of Springwoods Village

Development at Springwoods Village will continue in 2018 and include new residential developments, with two new housing communities, a recreation center, and a hotel all planned to open in 2018, according to the Chronicle report. The developers anticipate that Springwoods will eventually include 5,500 residential units and up to 40,000 employees from the local campuses. New restaurants will also be launching in the coming year. 

These developments will also be mirrored by the development of the surrounding trails system, which is planned to cross the 290 acres of greenspaces that make up the community. With so much development happening across the community’s residential properties, business campuses, and park systems, Springwoods Village is poised to fulfill its vision of being a place where people can live and work without traveling far.

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