Phoenix residents who have wanted to take a spin in a driverless vehicle now have their chance. Google's self-driving car company Waymo has started a pilot program there that lets people take a free ride in their driverless autos.

In fact, Waymo says it’s looking for riders in the Phoenix metropolitan area, including Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and Gilbert. Riders will be able to take rides to and from any destination in those cities.

Potential riders will have to apply to test out the vehicles. You have to be 18 or older and only one person per household can apply. However, once accepted, all members of the household can use the service.

The Lexus RX450h SUV and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivan will be the two main vehicles in the fleet to start. Even though the vehicles could operate on their own, a test driver will sit behind the wheel of every trip as a precaution.

Ultimately, Waymo is hoping to learn from those who take part in the pilot program. They hope to learn "where people want to go in a self-driving car, how they communicate with our vehicles, and what information and controls they want to see inside."