Richmond, Virginia, is known for many things: its significance in American history, its duality of urban and rural environments, its college town atmosphere, and its thriving art and culture scene. You can also add its array of thrift stores to that list. 

The neighborhoods listed below contain the best thrift stores in Richmond for secondhand clothes, home goods, books, and more.

Downtown Richmond

Downtown Richmond, Virginia
Downtown Richmond, Virginia / Photo by Dmbebber / CC BY-SA

As the heartbeat of the River City, Downtown Richmond is home to a boisterous community including college students studying at nearby Virginia Commonwealth University and Virginia Union University, professionals, and lifetime locals. The neighborhood features renovated historic single-family homes and newly renovated condos and apartments. With almost constant foot traffic throughout the day, thrift and antique stores are lined up back-to-back on Broad Street just waiting to be explored. 

Circle Thrift & Art Space 

This Broad Street-based thrift store offers clothes, books, home goods, music, and shoes. Its pricing is at the median for a thrift store, if not lower, making it a perfect place to shop for those on a budget.

Each month, the store transforms its interior and brings in a new, refreshing gallery of art from a handful of local artists. Every piece showcased is available for purchase. During Richmond’s city-wide monthly art showcase, First Friday, Circle Thrift doubles as a performance venue. Local artists and vendors are welcomed into the shop for passing shoppers to enjoy.

Rumors Boutique

Rumors Boutique brings the Richmond community pre-loved trendy clothing items from popular and local brands. If you are into thrifting but aren’t too fond of the hunt, Rumors provides trendy clothes at a lowered price point than at the mall or an online retailer.

The store is stationed near VCU’s Monroe Park campus, making it a prime shopping location for nearby college students. Plus, if your closet is bursting out of the seams with clothes you rarely wear, you may be able to make a few bucks by selling your items there. 

Richmond Book Shop

Richmond Book Shop, originating in 1969, is a mainstay in the Richmond community. The shop sells used books, records, comics, magazines, and artwork. Browsing through the store’s expansive vintage section is like traveling through time. The store also provides a space for local artists to sell their work.


Byrd Theater Richmond, Virginia
Byrd Theater Richmond, Virginia / Photo by Smash the Iron Cage / CC BY-SA

A small but distinctive community lying on the outer edge of the Museum District, Carytown is a perfect neighborhood to shop until you drop. Many of the neighborhood’s shops and restaurants along West Cary Street and single-family homes are housed in historic buildings. This vibrant, eclectic street-long shopping corridor currently has dozens of restaurants and shops—including its fair share of thrift stores. 

Goodwill: Second Debut

Chances are you’ve heard of the nationally recognized nonprofit thrift store chain Goodwill. Goodwill: Second Debut is like Goodwill’s fancier cousin. Goodwill: Second Debut offers clothes, shoes, and home goods from high-end brands. Clothes here are at a slightly higher price point than regular Goodwill stores, but you’ll still find boutique-quality items at a price that won’t empty your bank account.

The Clothes Rack

The Clothes Rack offers a quintessential thrift store experience that is rooted in bettering the community. Its selection includes apparel, accessories, household goods, jewelry, and home decor. The store is partnered with The Junior League of Richmond, a nonprofit focused on women’s empowerment, volunteering, and improving the city.


This locally owned thrift boutique specializes in designer and luxury brands. Its most memorable promotion is its “Buy-by-the-Pound” bathtub, which contains clothing items sold for $2 a pound (profits from the sale go to local charities). Like Rumors Boutique, Ashby will also buy your trendy, ready-to-sell clothes. And with free Wi-Fi and two lounging areas, it’s easy to shop the day away here.

Northside Richmond

Homes in Northside Richmond, Virginia
Homes in Northside Richmond, Virginia / Photo by Taber Andrew Bain / CC BY

Edging farther from Downtown Richmond, Northside Richmond is a quieter, residential neighborhood with its fair share of fun. Diverse real estate populates the area including suburban single-family houses and attached homes of varying architectural styles. Northside Richmond offers plenty of things to check out, including the nearby baseball stadium The Diamond, restaurants galore, and many thrift stores. 

Diversity Thrift

As one of the largest thrift stores in Richmond, Diversity Thrift is a popular choice for locals to shop. Furniture, clothing, home decor, electronics, and more populate this expansive store. The store also caters to a lower price point than most thrift stores in the area. Diversity Thrift is a byproduct of Diversity Richmond, an organization that supports Central Virginia’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

Class and Trash

At Class and Trash, you’ll find plenty of vintage items and antiques. You can spend hours gazing at this store’s eclectic collection of funky home decor, art, and furniture. Class and Trash was first opened by Ken and Lisa Waldrop way back in 2004. 


SCRAP takes a less-common focus to secondhand shopping by selling used art supplies. Some of the items you can find at SCRAP RVA include yarn, paper, colored pencils, greeting cards, and colored pencils—usually priced substantially less than retail cost.