Way down on the farthest end of Downtown Nashville’s iconic Broadway strip, right before you hit the Cumberland River and cross the bridge into East Nashville, sits an emerging neighborhood called SoBro, short for South Broadway. Much like its older sibling, The Gulch, SoBro is new to the Nashville lexicon because, put simply, these neighborhoods didn’t exist 20 years ago. Sure, the geographical space was there, but the difference these days is branding and the big business of hospitality.

SoBro is the quintessential neighborhood for residents who love the idea of living in Nashville—the honky-tonks, the Solo cups, and the flashy influencers who roam the streets. It’s the type of place where a former star of “The Bachelor” might live, and it has the price tag to go along with it. So for those who are drawn in by the glint of city lights and the distant, thumping sound of bro-country music, SoBro offers it all up on a silver platter.

SoBro Culture

A flat view of neighboring buildings in SoBro Nashville with many colorful neon honky tonk signs
SoBro locals can enjoy a number of museums and music venues.

It's almost unbelievable how much of the Downtown Nashville (and Nashville period) culture is located within the boundaries of SoBro. While SoBro doesn't encompass Nashville’s iconic Broadway strip of honky tonks, it has just about everything else. Among the most exciting offerings are: the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum, Bridgestone Arena (where the Nashville Predators play hockey and Harry Styles duets with Kacey Musgraves), and the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, home to the Nashville Symphony.

Indie music fans can also enjoy a visit to Jack White’s music venue and record shop Third Man Records, our local City Winery, and the iconic Mercy Lounge.

On a non-musical note (pun intended), the dead center of SoBro is punctuated by a glorious piece of sculpture that serves as the centerpieces for the roundabout at 8th Avenue, Lafayette, and Korean Veterans Boulevard. The statue is called Stix, and it was designed by contemporary artist Christain Moeller. Stix is as visually stunning as it was logistically challenging to install, and it's well worth a look. 

Did I mention that SoBro also has a skatepark? You already know it has a CrossFit box.

SoBro Dining and Drinking

People walking past the Bridgestone Arena in SoBro Nashville with the Nashville skyline behind them
SoBro now has a wealth of options when it comes to nightlife.

The unbelievable influx of tourism in Nashville over the last decade has brought culinary opportunities to the city like never before. While they're certainly great options for foodies across the city, SoBro isn’t lacking in the specialty fare department either, and I haven’t even mentioned bars and cocktail lounges yet.

Residents enjoy offerings like the upscale, classic monosyllabic restaurants M. and etch, while the more casual meat and potatoes diner might enjoy The Southern Steak and Oyster or Oak. There’s also Cinco de Mayo, a fan favorite cantina; Martin's, a barbecue joint; and Wild Wasabi, a popular spot for sushi. 

When it comes to libations, SoBro has so much to offer with local breweries like Czann's and Yee-Haw as well as Bar Sovereign, and, obviously, a cigar lounge. No Tennessee neighborhood would be complete without a moonshine distillery, and SoBro has that too—Ole Smoky is part distillery and part adult playground complete with open-air bars, astroturf, picnic tables, food trucks, a stage, and corn hole. What more could one ask for?

And yes, there’s also a “secret” rooftop bar, but don’t tell them I sent you.

Getting Around

A Nashville MTA bus driving down a SoBro street
While many people in Nashville need a car, the MTA also serves the area

There's little competition when it comes to getting around in this Nashville neighborhood. Sure, the area is heavily trafficked by pedal taverns, and you might have to weave around a few bachelorette parties, but it's entirely walkable and among the most classically urban settings you’ll find in town.

SoBro has a Walk score of 89 as well as 61 and 68 transit and bike scores, respectively. The conventional wisdom says that anyone who lives in Nashville needs a car, but now that there are both a Whole Foods and Publix within a 20-minute walk, this is no longer absolutely true.

SoBro Real Estate

Two buildings in SoBro with storefronts below and apartments above
SoBro's small footprint drives up prices on condos and loft spaces.

As Downtown neighborhoods go, SoBro is relatively small—just 6x11 blocks give or take, but if you had to choose any footprint to land in that would absorb a maximum of bars, nightclubs, chic hotels, restaurants, boutiques, salons, and music venues, this would be the one. 

With a median sale price in the mid $400s, the lofts and condos that populate the Encore building don’t come cheap, but in this town, there are few other locations that compare in terms of quintessential urban living. This neighborhood probably isn’t for the quiet, early-to-bed type, but if city living is what you want, look no further.