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Memorial High School

Houston, TX
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2669


Memorial High School
935 Echo Lane
Houston, TX 77024
(713) 251-2500
Memorial High School is located in Houston, TX and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Native American
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Overall, I was glad that I attended Memorial because I met amazing individuals there who I know will be my life long friends. It was also a pretty drama-free experience for me. An advantage I think Memorial has is networking, at least for STEM majors, many students go on to attend amazing STEM programs(MIT, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Caltech, Stanford, UT Austin, Michigan, Illinois, Berkeley, you name it), and Memorial is relatively close-knit, so you are likely to find valuable networks as early as a high school student.
Look, nobody should think high school was the best time of their life, and among many people, it rarely ever is. If you have fond memories of Memorial, then good! I know sarcasm is hard to distinguish on the internet, but I'm not being facetious. I'm glad you felt comfortable, but think for a moment as to why it was so nice. If you thrived because others were treated poorly, then I would re-evaluate the whole experience. To the kids headed to Memorial, the kids who are currently enrolled in Memorial, and to my peers who are reminiscing like I am, let me say this: the entirety of Memorial's potential is being wasted. As the highest funded school in SBISD, with one of the highest-paid principals in Houston, and a population of students that come from affluent families, I find it embarrassing that the only thing the general public seems to remember about Memorial is its reputation for being insensitive and full of ignorance. I don't anticipate that my review on this random website will be world-changing, but I do hope that other people see this and recognize that they aren't alone in their criticism of this school. In that case, I hope it was worth the hour and a half that I put into these responses.
The teachers are a mixed bag; some good, some meh, some horrible. Do not like the MHS nor the SBISD administration - tone deaf, self-important and non-communicative. My sophomore does not know what the p-pal looks like.College counseling is non-existent; they just give you a bunch of web sites to visit. Yeah, don't need them to tell me that. The PTA spends a bunch of money on crisis counselors to help all the over-achieving sleep-deprived kids who are taking speed to wake up and downers to fall asleep at night, I think.At least it is peaceful; not a bunch of gang-type violence, not a lot of overt drug-dealing/using. That is probably as good as a big-city public high school is going to get. . .
I would roughly rate this school poorly,there are many things that could improve but because of the the people that this school aquires to, it is difficult to find a balence for everyone as well as accommodate to each individuals needs. As white being the mass percentage of all the ethnicities this prompts lots of isssues: though this not being a problem resulting from the school it self but the zoneing of the SBISD district. Racial issues often occur and could be regulated insted of silenced. I do believe that any student who attends or will attend memorial high school will gain a greater appriciation for various perspectives of one's around them, this is though, through experiences up front disclosure from their peers. To gain greater appriciation one will have to dissipate stereotypes that many students at memorial create against eachother. All high schools will have their problems and, bullies, but it's about the result and action that is taken place after a certain event causing emotional harm. The lack of support for these students being bullied is weak. Finding a way to create a heathy enviorment with differnt ethnicities, but white being the mass persentage come with challenges, but it's how memorial high school presives themselves as if they want to portray and encourage the mass persentage of whites to stand as the essence for what they want to persue. Even being white myself I stongly believe that one school and how it runs should not be based on one ethnicity; and definitely one perspective.
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