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4 Reasons Why Ladera Heights Is the Next Hot Neighborhood in Los Angeles

Los Angeles went through numerous development changes last year, which impacted several communities throughout the city. While many residents are aware of the city’s existing popular neighborhoods, such as Downtown Los Angeles, Silver Lake, Hollywood, West LA, Miracle Mile, and dozens more, most people aren’t as informed about the city’s up-and-coming communities.

According to map track sales from The MLS.com Blog, neighborhoods such as Playa Vista, Boyle Heights, Monterey Hills, and Mid-Wilshire saw a drastic increase in home sales. However, no other neighborhood in the city experienced as much success and change than Ladera Heights, which saw a 193 percent increase in home sales since 2016. So what makes Ladera Heights so special? 

Here are four reasons why this neighborhood is positioned to become the next hot neighborhood in Los Angeles. 

Prime Location

One of the more obvious reasons why Ladera Heights is growing in popularity may be its convenient and central location. Located solidly in LA’s thriving Westside, this neighborhood sits adjacent to the tech-fueled Silicon Beach region. While the home prices in other Westside communities, such as Santa Monica, Mar Vista, and West LA are reaching unattainable numbers, homes in Ladera Heights are still relatively manageable in comparison—though still upscale.

Ladera Heights is also located near the burgeoning Inglewood, which is the site of LA’s future Chargers and Clippers stadiums. With so much development action happening so close to Ladera Heights, it makes sense for homebuyers to flock towards a neighborhood that’s already established. 

In addition to the neighborhood’s prime location, Ladera Heights itself is also a hillside community, so many residents enjoy its peaceful vibe as well as scenic views of the city.

Variety of Homes and Pricing

Ladera Heights offers homebuyers a mixture of historical structures as well as new construction, with prices ranging from the high $400s to nearly $2.5 million, according to Neighborhoods.com listings. However, the median sale price of a home in Ladera Heights is a whopping $1.1 million. 

Homebuyers can find different types of residences available as well, including condominiums, townhomes, lofts, single-family homes, and large estates. According to LA Times, the neighborhood has quite an impressive inventory of architecturally intact midcentury modern homes, which surpasses most neighborhoods in Los Angeles. However, due to its tucked away location, this neighborhood is hardly ever mentioned among other communities lauded for architecture. 

Hidden Gem

Quietly tucked away in the city’s southwest region, many tourists and Angelenos are still unaware of the exceptional shopping and recreational amenities available in Ladera Heights. The Ladera Center on La Tijera Boulevard offers residents a selection of shops and restaurants,  but there are also plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, and stores along the neighborhood’s main drags at Slauson Avenue and Centinela Avenue.

The neighborhood is also home to the 16-acre Ladera Park, which hosts a number of recreational activities and serves as a common gathering spot for fun social events like family reunions and picnics. Since the majority of the neighborhood’s amenities are located towards the northside of town, west of La Cienega Boulevard, most residents live in the neighborhood’s southern section.

Sense of Community

The neighborhood is tranquil and low-key. Many residents in Ladera Heights rave about the neighborhood’s overall welcoming atmosphere. Locals in the community go out of their way to get to know one another, and homeowners take pride in their homes. The neighborhood is also welcoming towards the entertainment industry, which often films around the area.

The Ladera Heights Civic Association also regularly holds community gatherings, including neighborhood-wide beautification projects to improve the town. The association is also currently working on providing the community with new sidewalks and trees.

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