More people are being drawn to the city of Long Beach every year, and you can’t really blame them. After all, the city has loads of restaurants, popular beaches, entertainment, and of course, great weather every day. Like Downtown Los Angeles, there’s a long list of developments on their way to Long Beach, so the city skyline will inevitably look different over the coming years. For those homebuyers who are looking to move to Long Beach right now, you might be wondering where to start. Since Long Beach is the third-largest city in Southern California (after Los Angeles and San Diego), navigating the city’s many neighborhoods can be overwhelming. After considering the population density, amenities, housing, public space, and overall walkability of each Long Beach neighborhood, decided to compile a list of the city’s most popular communities.

Below are five popular neighborhoods in Long Beach.

Home in Long Beach

Bixby Knolls

Bixby Knolls is regarded as one of the most central and conveniently located neighborhoods in Long Beach. It offers residents both an easy commute to Downtown Long Beach, and for those who prefer using the Metro, the local Blue Line can take riders straight to Los Angeles. Residents and visitors staying in Bixby Knolls have easy access to both the 710 and 405 freeways, so getting around by car is not difficult at all. In recent years, the city of Long Beach has been working to redevelop and beautify the neighborhood, filling it with new residential developments, revamped storefronts, and regular community events. Many locals frequent the Bixby Knolls Shopping Center, which is popular for its open-air shops and specialty boutiques.


For residents who prefer living by the water, check out the Long Beach neighborhood of Naples. This is a dream neighborhood for people who enjoy paddling or gondola-riding through the community’s public canals. Naples consists of three islands separated by water canals that open to the bay. Very much reminiscent of Italy, the neighborhood of Naples attracts many out-of-town visitors, adventurers, boating enthusiasts, and outdoorsy folks. At the heart of the community is the scenic and green public space of Naples Fountain, which is a popular place for people to hangout. For fine dining, nightlife, and shopping, simply head towards Second Street to find a plethora of retail shops, boutiques, pubs, and movie theaters.

East Village Arts District

Move aside Downtown LA, Long Beach also has a little something to offer when it comes to culture and the arts as well. Simply head towards the neighborhood of East Village Arts District, which is located on the southeast end of Downtown Long Beach. This community is a hotspot for both locals and visitors, and it’s best known for being Long Beach’s designated “arts district.” With quirky shops, art galleries, restored historic buildings, and diverse restaurants, East Village attracts many residents who enjoy tapping into their inner artist. Highly walkable with a small-town feel, East Village is known to many as an ever-changing community, perfect for a live, work, and play kind of lifestyle. Don’t be surprised to discover beautiful murals and eye-popping graffiti on the walls and buildings throughout this neighborhood.

Belmont Shore

A short distance away from Naples is the commercial neighborhood of Belmont Shore, which is known for its nightlife, beach activities, salons, small business offices, and trendy restaurants. Great for a variety of homebuyers, Belmont Shore embodies what many people think of when it comes to living a beach lifestyle in California. There are various styles of homes in this neighborhood, many include single-family residences as well as condominium options. Belmont Shore has a median home sale price in the high $800s, and prices tend to get more expensive with property that’s closer to the beach. Popular activities in the area include going to the spa, attending one of the neighborhood's many community events, and bar-hopping along the boardwalk and Second Street.

Lakewood Village

Towards the other end of Long Beach on its northeast side is the homey community of Lakewood Village, which is simply referred to as "The Village" by locals. Located conveniently close to Long Beach Airport as well as the popular Lakewood Golf Course and family-friendly Heartwell Park Community Center, this neighborhood is an ideal place for homebuyers of all walks of life. Compared to other neighborhoods on this list, Lakewood Village has a modest amount of dining options. However, many restaurants can be found around Carson Street.