San Diego needs new parks and public spaces but doesn’t have the money to create the parks it needs, especially in older communities and low-income areas. So, San Diego came up with a plan. 

The “Play All Day” partnership with the San Diego Unified School District will create 32 new parks on school grounds, which will be open to the public whenever that school is not in session.

The joint-use parks work financially because the school district will cover most of the construction costs thanks to a recently-approved bond. Three of the parks have already opened and all 32 will be open within five years.

Parks will be on the smaller side, at two to four acres, but that’s enough to accommodate a soccer or softball field as well as areas for small children.

According to a recent survey, 23 percent of San Diego residents currently live more than a ten-minute walk away from a public park or recreational facility. The parks built at the schools will help fill those gaps. Other factors in choosing the schools included availability of land close to streets, available parking, and available acreage on school property.

Residents in Clairemont and Serra Mesa receive the biggest benefits with four new parks apiece. Mira Mesa and Paradise Hills will get three parks while Encanto Heights, Southeast San Diego, University City, Linda Vista, Uptown, and Navajo Park will get two. North Park, City Heights,  and Barrio Logan will see one new park within their neighborhoods.