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The Best Neighborhoods to See the Sunset in Los Angeles

With clear skies, dreamy beaches, scenic mountain tops, and plenty of outdoor recreation spots, Los Angeles has the perfect recipe for a beautiful sunset. Best of all? These oftentimes picture-perfect sunsets can be captured every day by people in the city.

However, for those locals who don’t get to go out much or for visitors who don’t know the area, finding the best sunsets can be tough. Whether you’re trying to catch a gorgeous pink sunset with a loved one, or simply trying to snap a memorable moment, here are some of LA’s best neighborhoods to experience the city and all it has to offer during golden hour.


Located in the heart of Los Angeles is the world-famous neighborhood of Hollywood. While this urban neighborhood doesn’t seem like a place that would feature great sunset views, it is if you know where to go.

It’s true, Hollywood has its fair share of glitz and glamour and tall buildings. It’s also filled with studios, tourists, upscale shopping, and popular restaurants. However, head north along Hollywood Boulevard towards the popular Runyon Canyon during golden hour where you can easily escape the bustle of the city.

After arriving at the top of Runyon Canyon, sunset-seekers can catch breathtaking views of both the sunset and the city. Just remember to bring along a sturdy pair of sneakers or hiking shoes for the journey up.

Griffith Park

Slightly to the right of Hollywood, near the trendy community of Los Feliz, is the recreational Griffith Park neighborhood. Griffith is best known for its hiking trails, which brings both locals and tourists to the area. While this neighborhood doesn’t feature many homes for sale, it does offer a planetarium, a golf course, picnic areas, and a theater.

The lush neighborhood’s main attraction and what the community is best known for is the Griffith Observatory. Whether you choose to hike up Griffith through the dirt trails or opt to take a stroll up the paved trail to reach the observatory, you won’t regret either choice once you see the sunset. There are numerous telescopes near the observatory’s viewing area, so you won’t miss a detail.

Culver City

Heading southeast from Hollywood and Griffith is the preppy neighborhood of Culver City. Long gone are the days when Culver City was considered a ghost town. Today, this neighborhood is filled with studio professionals, tech businesses, and renowned shops and eateries. It’s hard to imagine that at the edge of the busy community, adjacent to the upscale hillside neighborhood of Baldwin Hills, there’s a recreational area and local attraction, the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook.

What sets this recreational attraction apart from other areas in Los Angeles is the set of 282 massive paved steps leading all the way up to the top of the scenic overlook. Once visitors reach the top, there are several areas to sit and enjoy the view of Culver City as well as the sunset. After admiring LA’s cotton candy sky, visitors can either head back down the stairs or loop around to take a windy, flat walking path back down towards the entrance.

Manhattan Beach Village

In LA County’s South Bay community, Manhattan Beach Village is where to go to catch some of the city’s most spectacular sunset views. This area isn’t just popular among tourists and locals, it’s also very family-friendly and offers a lot in terms of beach sports such as surfing and beach volleyball. Laidback and upscale, Manhattan Beach features top-notch eateries, charming boutique shops, and a thriving downtown area.

To catch a picturesque view of the beach waves as the sun is setting, head towards Manhattan Beach Pier. If there’s still time after watching the sunset, visitors have plenty of other activities they can do, such as visiting the local aquarium, grabbing a bite to eat at one of the neighborhood restaurants, or grabbing a drink at a local cantina.


Willing to travel a little further for some prime sunset views? A little less than an hour west of the city of Los Angeles is the well-known beach city Malibu. This glamorous area is home to celebrities and some of LA’s most powerful and ultra-wealthy. While any of the Malibu beaches are a safe bet when it comes to great sunsets, one spot that stands out is the sunset at Point Dume Beach.

Unlike Zuma, El Matador, or Topanga beaches, this crescent shaped beach isn’t as well known as others. As a result, visitors going to Point Dume don’t run into any issues with crowds or parking. Head towards the trail at Point Dume that leads toward the cliff overlooking the shore. Once you’re at the top of the cliff, you’ll be able to watch as the sun sets over the ocean. Remember to bring a jacket because it’s cold and windy up there.

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