Five Upcoming Developments That Could Redefine San Jose

Change is on the horizon for San Jose, largely due to the tech resurgence that the city has been seeing in recent months. From Google’s planned transit village to Adobe’s expansion, San Jose is poised to once again earn the title “The Capital of the Silicon Valley.”

Of course, these developments and changes will also have a huge impact on everything from housing prices to population shifts. They’ll ripple across the city until the San Jose of tomorrow is a very different place than the one that exists today.

Diridon Station / Photo by Grey3k / CC BY

Google’s Transit Village

Google is planning to build a transit-oriented village across from Diridon Station in Downtown San Jose, and the campus could alter the trajectory of the city forever. The new development would house 20,000 employees, bringing increased residents, businesses, and traffic into the neighborhood. Construction is projected to begin in 2025, but the community is already preparing itself for the tech giant’s arrival, with commercial real estate prices increasing and residential developments being planned. Once constructed, the transit village could play a large part in revitalizing the Downtown San Jose area.

Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft’s San Jose Campus

Microsoft recently purchased 65 acres of mostly undeveloped land in San Jose, as the tech giant prepares to build a hub in the city. The company already has offices in Mountain View and San Francisco, but these locations would increase Microsoft’s Bay Area presence further. Along with Google’s transit village project, Microsoft’s new hub could be a big role in San Jose’s tech resurgence. There’s no word yet on how many employees Microsoft plans to bring to San Jose, though the Mountain View office currently employs around 1,650 people.

Photo by Coolceaser / CC0

Adobe Expansion

Adobe Systems is getting ready to dramatically increase its San Jose presence. The company currently employs 2,500 employees across three towers at its Downtown San Jose offices. After expanding into a new property just a few hundred yards away, the company will hire an additional 3,000 employees, according to a Mercury News report. The project will mean increased momentum for the Downtown San Jose tech scene, boosting the area’s job market and employment opportunities. 

Courtesy of Desimone

Westfield Valley Fair Construction 

For the past couple years, the Westfield Valley Fair mall in San Jose has been under constant construction. The expansion project will see the mall’s store count go from 200 to 360 and the square footage will increase from 1.5 to 2.2 million square feet. Once construction is complete, the transformed mall will offer a more interactive, lifestyle-oriented shopping experience for guests, propelling this shopping center into the 21st century. The remake is projected to be completed by spring of 2019, according to an ABC7 news report.

Courtesy of RelatedCos

CityPlace and Santana West

Technically, this $6.5 billion, nine-million square foot CityPlace mixed-use project is being built in neighboring Santa Clara. But now that the two cities have put their legal issues to bed, per ABC 7, development can begin on a project that should greatly benefit both Santa Clara and San Jose. Across the street, Santana West will bring 970,000 square feet of office space and 29,000 square feet of retail to the region, which is sure to boom in the coming years. The need for housing created by both projects will likely drive the next round of development after these two break ground within the next two years.

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