Los Angeles is home to some of the world’s wealthiest, most glamourous, and most talented residents. With this prestige, there’s a need for more exclusivity, especially when it comes to avoiding the paparazzi or staying away from the public eye. Since Los Angeles is a city surrounded by mountains, canyons, hillsides, and large bodies of water in nearly every direction, there are several private neighborhoods and enclaves that can easily tuck away a mansion or a sprawling estate from intruders or nosy neighbors. However, privacy and exclusivity doesn’t come cheap. In fact, LA’s most exclusive neighborhoods, during the rare times when homes in these communities are available on the market, come with extravagant price tags.

Below is a guide to some of Los Angeles’ most exclusive suburbs, where you might find some of the city’s rich and famous residents.

Bel Air

Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles

The prestigious neighborhood of Bel Air has always been exclusive, but it was made famous by popular television shows such as “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” This ritzy residential community is home to some of the world’s most notable individuals, and it’s also one of the best neighborhoods to see celebs in LA. Bel Air spans approximately six square miles near the reputable UCLA, and it’s situated at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, offering residents natural privacy and lush scenery. In addition to having some of the world’s most impressive homes, especially in the fancy Bel Air Crest neighborhood, the community’s charming five-star Hotel Bel-Air and the private Bel-Air Country Club are also among the most luxurious in the world. 

Beverly Hills

Home in Beverly Hills

Probably the most recognizable name in the world when it comes to affluent neighborhoods is the community of Beverly Hills. Although tourists are welcome to explore, dine, and shop at the upscale establishments on Rodeo Drive or take pictures at one of the district’s many landmarks like Greystone Mansion, Mulholland Drive, or The Golden Triangle, there are several pockets in Beverly Hills that aren’t as open to the public. Some of the neighborhood’s most exclusive and lavish gated communities include the billionaire mansion-filled Beverly Park, which is a wealthy neighborhood divided into a North Beverly Park and South Beverly Park. With a total of over 70 lots in these exclusive communities, North Beverly Park is home to many famous residents and contemporary mansions, while South Beverly Park embodies more of the area’s historical estates.

San Marino

Typical home in San Marino 

Located in the San Gabriel Valley is the suburb of San Marino, which is by far the most expensive and notable city in the county. According to the LA Times, thanks to the neighborhood’s ultra-fancy housing inventory, top-ranked academics, and overall small-town charm, San Marino was the only residential community in Southern California where home prices actually flourished during the recession. The majority of the housing real estate in San Marino is well above $1 million, and the median household income for residents in this neighborhood is $158,855. To put this in perspective, the median household income for residents in Beverly Hills is $96,312.


Calabasas neighborhood of Los Angeles

Towards the westside of the San Fernando Valley is the suburb of Calabasas, which is well known for being home to celebrities such as the Kardashians, Drake, Justin Bieber, and many other musicians, athletes, and personalities. Although that might be enough reason to live in Calabasas, the community itself is among one of the most private, close-knit, and glamorous suburbs to live in—especially for people who love living near scenic mountain views. Two exclusive neighborhoods in Calabasas include the gated communities of The Oaks of Calabasas and the nearby Hidden Hills. 

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles 

Many homebuyers are attracted to Hollywood Hills because of its hillside location above the Sunset Strip, which offers residents seclusion, privacy, both city and mountain views, and easy access to Los Angeles. Buying a home in Hollywood Hills easier compared to the rest of the suburbs on this list because of the neighborhood’s variety of housing inventory, which typically ranges between $200,000 and multi-million dollar homes. However, the community’s most exclusive, upscale, and private community is actually a set of streets called The Bird Streets. Property prices of these extravagant homes are currently between the low $2 millions to upwards of $35 million.