Find Your College's Bar in Houston for March Madness

 March Madness is back and if you’re hoping to find some like-minded fans who root for the same team you do, you’re going to want to figure out where they’re all headed to watch the NCAA Tournament. has done the hard work of figuring out where fans and alumni from your school gather around Houston to root on your squad. Check out the list below, put on your school colors, and head over to the chosen watering hole to cheer your team on as they battle for the right to make it to the Final Four.

We’ve double checked to make sure the following information is as current as possible. Think we missed something? Send us a message so we can add your party here.

Photo by University of Arizona
Photo by University of Arkansas


Nick’s Place - Briar Meadow


Photo Courtesy of the University of Auburn
Photo by Boston College / CC0

Boston College

On the Kirb - Southampton

Photo by Cincinnati University / CC0


Topgolf - Memorial

Photo by Clemson University / CC0
Photo by University of Colorado / CC0
Photo by Creighton University


Coaches Pub - Midtown

Photo by University of Florida / CC0
Photo by Florida State University / CC0
Photo by Georgetown University
Photo by Brunswickian
Photo by Georgia Institute of Technology / CC0
Photo by Unknown


Coaches Pub - Midtown

Photo by University of Iowa / CC0
Photo by Iowa State

Iowa State

Revelry on Richmond - Montrose 

Photo by Kansas State University

Kansas State

Revelry on Richmond - Montrose 


Photo by University of Kentucky / CC0
Photo by Marquette University / CC0
Photo by the Marquette Eagles
Photo by University of Miami / CC0
Photo by University of Michigan / CC0


3rd Floor - Midtown 

Photo by Michigan State University / CC0

Michigan State

Mcintyre's - Shady Acres 


Photo by University of Missouri / CC0


Nick's Place

Photo by University of Nebraska Cornhuskers / CC0
Photo by Unknown

North Carolina

McIntyre's- Shady Acres

Photo by University of North Dakota
Photo by Notre Dame University / CC0
Photo by Buckeyes1186 / CC0

Ohio State

Irish Cowboy - Midtown

Photo by University of Oklahoma / CC0
Photo by Oklahoma State University / CC0

Oklahoma State

Revolver - Memorial Park

Photo by Penn State University
Photo by Purdue University / CC0


Coaches Pub - Midtown


Photo by Stanford University / CC0


Texadelphia - Briar Meadow

Photo by Texas Christian University / CC0
Photo by University of Texas / CC0
Photo by UCLA / CC0
Photo by University of Southern California / CC0
Photo by University of Villanova / CC0
Photo by University of Virginia / CC0
Photo by Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Photo by University of Washington


Nick's Place - Briar Meadow

Photo by Washington State University Athletics

Washington State

Nick's Place - Briar Meadow

Photo by West Virginia University / CC0
Photo by Wisconsin State University / CC0
Photo by Xavier University / CC0
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