Far South

Chicago, Illinois

While Far South may be a bit of a catch-all term for the thirty-plus distinct neighborhoods that fall within this area, Far South residents will be the first to tell you what makes their neighborhoods unique. Stretching all the way from Hyde Park on the north to Ashburn on the west, and Hegewisch at the very south, the Far South accounts for over a third of the city of Chicago. But this area is significant for more than its size -- it is home to some of Chicago's notable landmarks, cultural influences, and immortalized history. 

The Far South is home to several higher learning institutions with Hyde Park claiming the renowned University of Chicago, Mount Greenwood hosting Saint Xavier University, and Roseland boasting Chicago State University. While Woodlawn was once home to the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition, modern-day marvels include the South Shore Cultural Center in South Shore and the DuSable Museum of African American History and the Washington Park Arboretum in, you guessed it, Washington Park. The famed South Side Irish Parade, a tradition since 1979, marches through the bevy of Irish pubs in Beverly and Morgan Park in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. And, for a little celebrity trivia, Derrick Rose, Jennifer Hudson, and Jamie Foster Brown were once Englewood residents.

You'll catch today's residents enjoying local food at Vito & Nick's Pizzeria in Ashburn, or playing at one of the many, many parks that cover the Far South, like Marquette Park in Chicago Lawn. And when it comes time to travel outside of Chicago, Garfield Ridge and Clearing host Midway International Airport. 

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