There is no neighborhood more emblematic of Nashville’s radical change over the past decade than East Nashville. This sprawling community just across the Cumberland River from Downtown is beloved for its deep cultural roots, ample greenspace, historic neighborhoods, and thriving local business scene. While the East vs. West debate is all in good fun, there is no doubt that east siders are proud of their community.

Living in East Nashville

East Nashville is a geographically large area compared to other neighborhoods near the urban core, so your experience as a resident will vary depending on your location. The northern end is more residential and quiet, while the west side has more foot traffic and rowdy sports fans. The southeast, along the bend of the Cumberland River, has some vast greenspaces.

But one thing that unites every resident is his or her pride in their neighborhood. Residents stay engaged by joining running clubs, gathering at dive bars, or keeping tabs on the neighborhood's thriving Facebook group. Wherever you are, you can guarantee friendly neighbors and the feeling of being in a "happening" community. 

As a result of the neighborhood's large size, sub-neighborhoods have developed over decades (in some cases a century) to distinguish themselves from the broader “east” designation. The following collection of neighborhoods is by no means comprehensive but should serve as a representative selection of East Nashville’s diverse neighborhoods. 

East Nashville map
East Nashville Neighborhoods
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One of East Nashville’s largest sub-communities, Inglewood has so much to offer. This historic community tucked up in the northeast corner of East Nashville embodies everything that locals love about the east side.

Residents are enamored with the area’s local food and drink scene and its proximity to the northern entrance of Shelby Park. With a median sale price under $400,000, and with the neighborhood's least expensive homes hovering around $200,00, Inglewood is a welcome option for homebuyers looking to settle on the east side without breaking the bank.

Don't Miss: Inglewood Lounge

This casual neighborhood spot is known for it funky decor, quality cocktails at good prices, and comforting eats like nachos and tacos. 

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Lockeland Springs

A historic neighborhood dating back to the turn of the 20th century, Lockeland Springs is the quintessential East Nashville neighborhood. Home to some of the hippest, most Instagrammed spots as well as quiet, walkable side streets, residents and visitors alike are drawn to popular watering hole Urban Cowboy Public House, the hip Barista Parlor, and the old-school Dino's Bar

Locals enjoy strolling the gridded streets and admiring many of the renovated homes as well as the historic Holly Street Fire Station, home to Nashville Engine 14 that still operates today. With a median sale price in the mid $500,000s, this charming neighborhood represents an opportunity to invest in a neighborhood with a rich history that isn’t going away any time soon.

Don't Miss: Lockeland Table Community Kitchen and Bar

The esteemed dining destination serves wood-fired pizzas in a rustic setting. 

Five Points 

The commercial capital of East Nashville, Five Points is a true convergence of everything East: a local veterinarian, a pizza joint, murals, a bike shop, fine dining, and a boutique liquor store. With a median price tag hovering just below the $900s, this neighborhood might be cost-prohibitive for many residents, but it is still the beating heart of the East Nashville neighborhood as a whole. 

Its 92 Walk Score makes this area a “walker’s paradise,” and nearly every day of the week hoards of shoppers and locals can be found strolling this prominent intersection. What Five Points might lack in greenspace, it certainly makes up for in convenience, and residents enjoy emerging from their domestic side streets to take in the local excitement in East Nashville’s mini city center.

Don't Miss: Five Points Pizza East 

This simple New York-style pizza joint does a booming takeout business with its pizza by the slice (served on a paper plate, of course). 


Eastwood is an aptly named community in the heart of East Nashville. Home to some of the area’s most popular commercial establishments as well as ample residential space, this neighborhood is, in many ways, the model example of an east side community. With a median sale price just under $500,000, Eastwood is an accessible option for many prospective home buyers on the hunt for both fixer-uppers and brand new builds.

Locals love mainstays like Rosepepper Cantina and Ugly Mugs, and easy access to big-box grocery stores and local parks make it a well-rounded neighborhood.

Don't Miss: Vinyl Tap

Combining two eternally cool things, this bar sells craft beer and vinyl records.


Dear reader, I must admit that your author has a special affinity for the Greenwood neighborhood. It is, after all, my local homestead. As outlined in my essay about living on the same street as several of my other friends, I moved to this neighborhood one year ago and have since found it a most comfortable and supportive community. 

The neighborhood coffee shop is right next to our local watering hole, and with a star like Pearl Diver in our backyard, I will henceforth insist on living within spitting distance of a tiki bar for the rest of my life. All of this combined with homes selling for as low as $200,000 and there is nothing not to love about Greenwood. 

Don't Miss: Slow Hand and Pelican and Pig

The restaurant and bakery are located next to each other on Gallatin Avenue. Pelican and Pig specializes in a seasonal menu of wood-fired dishes cooked in an open kitchen, and Slow Hand is a hidden-gem with a bountiful pastry selection and menu of coffee drinks.