The amount of single people in America has been steadily on the rise every year for the past half-century, and California in particular seems to be a hot spot for this segment of the population. 

It’s no surprise that California is one of the top states where you can find singles living—after all, there’s sunny weather for most of the year, along with plenty of activities to do every day. If you’re single and looking to mingle with others, here are 10 of California’s top locations for singles, along with a few date ideas to do in those areas.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, some of these date locations may not be open or have limited hours. Be sure to follow any local and federal safety guidelines when venturing out. Happy dating!

An illustration of a map of California showing the best cities for singles
These are the best cities for singles in California.

1. West Hollywood

An aerial view of popular West Hollywood in California
West Hollywood has a rich nightlife that attracts many singles.

Median Home Price: $729,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 30-39

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 16% women, 23% men

Tucked in Los Angeles County is the affluent and festive West Hollywood, fondly known as “WeHo.” This trendy area has the most percentage of singles living in the area in all of California; according to data, approximately 39% of residents living in WeHo are single.

WeHo is simply teeming with upscale restaurants and shopping, scenic mountain views, and pet-friendly open greenspace. But what sets West Hollywood apart from other areas is the city’s upbeat, friendly, and social atmosphere.

Date Idea: Go bar hopping.

Head towards Santa Monica Boulevard and visit the busy street’s many popular bars, including Harlowe Bar, La Boheme, Beaches WeHo, and several others.

2. Seal Beach

Median Home Price: $358,700

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 15% women, 8% men

Nearly 40 miles south of West Hollywood is the Orange County oceanfront city of Seal Beach. About 23% of residents in Seal Beach are single, with nearly 61% being seniors. Seal Beach is considered one of the OC’s top suburbs with the best nightlife and ranked 4th in “America’s Friendliest Towns” by Forbes in 2012. It’s no wonder why singles are drawn to this area.

Date Idea: Explore Seal Beach Pier.

You’ll find a variety of fun things to do throughout the day—perhaps fishing and then drinks at one of the city’s popular restaurants along Ocean Avenue or Main Street. 

3. Santa Monica

Median Home Price: $1,242,100

Top Age Range of Singles: 30-39

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 13% women, 11% men

Another popular place for singles to live in California is the city of Santa Monica. About 24% of residents are single—and they tend to earn more than the average American with a median income of about $93,000. This is not a surprise, considering Santa Monica is among LA County’s most expensive neighborhoods.

Date Idea: Go shopping and enjoy a beach sunset.

For those who have some money to spend, Santa Monica is a great place to bring a date shopping. Head towards Third Street Promenade, where you’ll find streets filled with shops and eateries. Walk a bit farther south towards Santa Monica Pier, and you can end the day with a beach view of the sunset.

4. Palm Springs

A pond and bridge surrounded by palm trees and a mountain behind them in Palm Springs California
Singles in Palm Springs love the luxury amenities and sunny weather.

Median Home Price: $367,900

Top Age Range of Singles: 50-59

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 8% women, 14% men

Beaches aren’t the only places singles are living; our data shows they’re heading towards the resort cities as well. A well-known weekend getaway destination, Palm Springs is a city where 22% of its population is single. Like Seal Beach, nearly 58% of the community is seniors. Residents living in Palm Springs are used to the city’s sunny climate, luxury resort amenities, and overall tranquil atmosphere.

Date Idea: Visit a luxe resort.

It’s fun to pretend to be a weekend vacationer in your own town. For a date staycation, visit one of the city’s popular resorts, many of which are found along the community’s frequented streets such as Palm Canyon Drive or Indian Wells.

5. Palm Desert

Median Home Price: $335,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 70-79

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 11% women, 6% men

Located near Palm Springs is the neighboring city of Palm Desert, with nearly 17% single households. Like Palm Springs, many of the city’s residents are older than 55, although with the rising popularity of music festivals and sporting competitions, more young people are also being drawn to the area.

Date Idea: Catch some scenic mountain views.

It would be a shame to skip out on the scenery in Palm Desert. Drive up to Vista Point, which overlooks the valley floor, and watch the sun set behind the mountains.

6. Eureka

Median Home Price: $270,600

Top Age Range of Singles: 20-29

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 9% women, 7% men

Don’t think Southern California is the only area in the state where singles live. The city of Eureka in NorCal is also among our list of top places for singles. This Old Town district comes complete with a nature backdrop and waterfront views, and the charming city offers an array of established Victorian homes.

Date Idea: Take a boat cruise.

Take your date on a local cruise on the Madaket Ferry at Humboldt Bay where you can both enjoy the city’s sights, seals, and birdlife.

7. Walnut Creek

A view of Walnut Creek California from a hillside nearby
Walnut Creek offers hiking and plenty of history.

Median Home Price: $758,500

Top Age Range of Singles: 30-39

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 11% women, 5% men

Another popular place for singles is situated towards San Francisco’s East Bay region, in the lush and homely city of Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek offers its residents a vibrant area to live filled with history, shopping, restaurants, and entertainment.

Date Idea: Go hiking and sightseeing.

If you’re single in Walnut Creek, take your date hiking and sightseeing at one of the city’s popular parks, such as Castle Rock Park, Civic Park, or Heather Farm Park.

8. Beverly Hills

Median Home Price: $2 million

Top Age Range of Singles: 40-49

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 10% women, 6% men

For the rich and famous, apparently the place for singles to live is the lavish and extravagant city of Beverly Hills. Known for being one of the wealthiest areas to live in the world, the median home price in the city costs about $2 million.

Date Idea: Enjoy a picnic in a garden.

If you’re looking to take your date somewhere romantic, head towards Greystone Mansion and Park, where you can appreciate walking through elegant gardens and go picnicking.

9. Paradise

Median Home Price: $218,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 50-59

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 9% women, 6% men

Nestled in the state’s Sierra Nevada Mountains is the relaxing town of Paradise. It’s no surprise why Paradise is popular among singles due to the town’s rich history, character, and friendly neighbors.

Date Idea: Visit a museum or theater.

A good place to bring your date is Gold Nugget Museum, where you can learn about the town’s roots. Afterwards, watch a local performance in the town’s Theatre on the Ridge.

10. Monterey

A beach with lush flora in Monterey California
Monterey's gorgeous coastline and outdoor activities make it an exciting destination.

Median Home Price: $764,400

Top Age Range of Singles: 20-29

Gender Breakdown of Singles: 9% women, 7%

Finally, the 10th top area for singles is the coastal city of Monterey. This city is both close to the beach and offers plenty of greenspace, making it ideal for outdoor and recreational activities.

Date Idea: Take a stroll through the park.

Make a beeline towards the Monterey Walking Path of History in the Monterey State Historic Park. This park is conveniently located near the waterfront, so you can end the day by visiting one of the town’s local seafood restaurants.


Looking at areas with a population greater than 19,999, we determined the top areas using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for the percentage of single or unmarried people living there, the city’s median home price, and median income. We created an income-to-median-home-price ratio and weighed that against the percentage of single people to create a score, which determined the top cities.