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Quiet and calm, Dunning provides a peaceful retreat in Chicago's Northwest region for those looking to remove themselves from the noise and crowds of the Downtown and Wrigleyville areas. Neighboring the expansive Schiller Woods, Dunning is a large neighborhood that supports many local businesses and a number of engaged families and community members, who find a satisfying balance between this area's comforts and the bustle of the city proper.

Homes in Dunning

Where To Live

Houses are the most common residential choice within the blocks of this neighborhood, although there is a smattering of condos and apartments available for those seeking smaller quarters. Renters will have more options on the east end of the neighborhood, while those looking to settle down might prefer the clusters of small homes in the west.

Around Dunning

Where To Eat

Dunning provides a blend of different food styles, including Mexican, Italian, sushi, and pizza. Many of the eateries are locally owned, so expect a true Chicago flavoring to any of your orders. The neighborhood is also the home of Eli's Cheesecake Factory, which sells baked goods around the world but makes their fresh items available in Dunning.

Friday Night Fun

Try a late dinner and drinks at one of the grills and sports bars that line Irving Park Road. Stick around for a long night of appetizers and game-watching if your team is playing. Otherwise, make a move towards the southern portion of the neighborhood to seek out one of the lounges or hidden nightclubs.

The Perfect Sunday

Take some classes or catch a daytime showing at one of the theater companies in the area, or receive some musical or dance training to hone your expressive skills. Then step into one of the many privately-owned coffee shops for an espresso and a pastry. Feel free to lounge and enjoy some discussion or deep thinking; the atmosphere in these places won't encourage you to rush out the door.

Living Here

Locals Love

Locally-based shops • Proximity to Schiller Woods. • Quiet atmosphere

Homes for Sale

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