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If Hermosa's most notable resident, Walt Disney, were to visit his childhood neighborhood now, he would find it mostly unchanged. Despite the growth in nearby neighborhoods, Hermosa is still a cozy, residential community to both new and long-standing families. What this neighborhood lacks in nightlife and main city streets, it makes up for in cultural vibrancy; local tiendas and taquerias are very close to homes here. With three spacious parks and several public schools nearby, it's easy to see why families have stayed in Hermosa for generations.

Homes in Hermosa

Where To Live

Hermosa is a family-centric community, close to the rapid development of Logan Square and Humboldt Park yet far removed due to the preponderance of the single-family homes that are more than a century old. Hermosa is a historically working-class neighborhood that developed a large number of worker's cottages and bungalows to accommodate the factory employees. Although Fullerton, Diversey, North, Armitage, and Belmont Avenues are the main roads that cut through Hermosa, these streets are still quiet relative to the neighborhoods next door.

Price Vibes

Considering its proximity to burgeoning neighborhoods like Avondale and Logan Square, Hermosa's home prices are very reasonable. Two-story, single-family homes make up most of this neighborhood, with brick apartment buildings tucked in here and there. For those looking to be close to "hip" neighborhoods but not sacrifice affordability, you can't beat Hermosa.

Around Hermosa

Where To Eat

The food in Hermosa is populated by small, independently owned restaurants that represent a variety of cuisines. Diners, taquerias, and taverns are located along Belmont and Diversey, while Armitage has a scattering of cafes and bakeries. The style in Hermosa is informal, casual, in-and-out dining rather than formal sit-down, candle-lit restaurants, making it perfect for residents constantly on the go or who opt for carry-out over sit in.

Friday Night Fun

The nightlife options in Hermosa aren't as dynamic as in other neighborhoods, but most residents enjoy the quieter bars and restaurants where everyone feels like a regular. Fullerton Avenue has some comfortable dive bars where the owner seems knows everyone by name while a local band plays in the background. Farther north, the mood leans more towards dance clubs and traditional taverns that are perpetually populated by locals.

The Perfect Sunday

Fullerton and Diversey have several brunch options that range from diners to corner taverns. Get some Sunday shopping done along Belmont, Pulaski, or Cicero Avenues, where large retailers and thrift stores exist side by side. Take the dog out to Hermosa Park for a game of fetch or visit the fitness center in Kelvyn Park for a quick workout.

Transportation Options

While Hermosa might be a bit of the hike from the Blue Line, public transportation is still accessible in this neighborhood. The main roads of Diversey Avenue, Fullerton Avenue, and Armitage Avenue cut through the neighborhood, so there's always a bus stop within a reasonable distance. The Healy Metra station also sits on the east edge of this neighborhood. Because this neighborhood is so family friendly, side streets are calm and less congested compared to some main routes. But most residents in this neighborhood do rely on their cars to get around, so be mindful that street parking can become scarce and make for cramped roads. Still, cyclists will appreciate the slow pace of Hermosa.

Living Here

Residents Say

Hermosa has a small-town feel. I like that I'm close to the action of Logan Square, but what keeps me in this neighborhood is its sense of community.
- Hermosa Resident

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