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When you think Wicker Park, you think of the Six Corners. While, geographically speaking, this bustling intersection is on the northernmost border, it is truly the heartbeat of the neighborhood. Bars, restaurants, and everyday conveniences congregate in this area and spill into the surrounding blocks, with the limitless dining options continuing down Milwaukee Avenue and along Division Street. Off these main roads, the businesses give way to tree-lined streets, plenty of parks, and charming houses.

Although the neighborhood has undergone a sea of change over the last several years, it still stubbornly holds onto the creative culture that made it a desirable neighborhood to call home in the first place. Though lifelong Chicagoans sometimes refer to Wicker Park and neighboring Bucktown interchangeably, the neighborhood is distinct for its endless restaurants, bars, and businesses, whereas Bucktown is considered to be the more residential part of the area. Even so, Wicker Park residents still appreciate the ease of access to other nearby neighborhoods like Logan Square and Ukrainian Village.

Homes in Wicker Park

Where To Live

Wicker Park expertly blends high-end condominiums with classic single-family homes throughout its network of tree-lined streets that branch off Milwaukee Avenue. Along Western and Ashland Avenues there are mostly condominiums above storefronts that have traffic as a constant companion. Further away from the main roads, new or classic-looking small condo buildings and single-family homes fill the neighborhood. Residents near Milwaukee Avenue enjoy easy access to nightlife but also must contend with the crowds that spill over from the Six Corners. For a quieter time, stick to the side streets a few blocks from any of the main roads.

Price Vibes

It can be costly to be trendy. What was once a sanctuary for artists venturing off the beaten path has entered the mainstream, attracting the downtown working crowd. The average home price in Wicker Park is comparable to Lincoln Park and Bucktown, but inventory is more scarce and the price range is less forgiving. Even so, there's a reason why seemingly everyone wants to live in Wicker Park, higher price points seem more reasonable when you're paying for a newly renovated condo in a brick walk-up.

Around Wicker Park

Where To Eat

When it comes to food options, Wicker Park offers a little bit of everything. If you’re craving it, Wicker Park likely has it. Milwaukee, North, and Damen Avenues feature everything from local chains to barbecue to Mexican to upscale donut shops. Big Star and Antique Taco are neighborhood staples for taco fans, while Stan's Donuts & Coffee is equally popular for breakfast or dessert. If you're ever hungry in Wicker Park, just walk to the Six Corners and look around you. It's really that simple.

Friday Night Fun

The epicenter of the neighborhood is the Six Corners intersection of Milwaukee, Damen, and North. Up and down the main streets are locally famous dive bars, craft cocktail establishments, and even arcade bars. There are also nearly endless art galleries to visit, a scene that is centered around the Flatiron Arts Building. There are also several live music venues that bring in the country's top acts and theaters that showcase some of the city's best productions. Late-night bars are plentiful, especially along North Avenue. People from all around the city come to Wicker Park for the varied and active nightlife, and after one night there, you'll see why.

The Perfect Sunday

Brunch is a sport in Wicker Park, where every restaurant tries to one-up the others, making the area an ideal neighborhood for brunch fanatics. Wicker Park, the neighborhood's namesake green space, is a favorite spot for playing with your dog or joining a pick-up game of basketball or soccer. The shops in Wicker Park are also highly coveted by outsiders, with used bookstores, large retailers, record stores, and boutique shops for everything imaginable. Residents of the area also enjoy simply strolling around this picturesque neighborhood.

Transportation Options

Wicker Park is obnoxiously convenient. Home to the famed Six Corners---where Milwaukee Avenue, Damen Avenue, and North Avenue meet---Wicker Park is accessible and easy to navigate. The Blue Line cuts through the center of the neighborhood, carrying you southeast into the Loop or northwest through Logan Square and Avondale. Bus lines run along the parameter of the neighborhood, moving east/west along North Avenue and Division Street and north/south along Western Avenue. You can also take the bus down Damen Avenue or through the bevy of bars and eateries on Milwaukee Avenue. The "Hipster Highway," so named for the caravan of cyclists that overtake Milwaukee Avenue during rush hour, also runs through the neighborhood, contributing to its bike-friendly reputation. The size of the neighborhood also means its very walkable, and parking is more plentiful than you'll find in Downtown neighborhoods.

Living Here

Locals Love

Active Nightlife • Constant Events • Easy Access to Public Transportation • Many Shops and Boutiques • Trendy and Beautiful

Residents Say

Living in Wicker Park, you never really need to leave. I live right by the Six Corners and am within five walking minutes of my bank, a Walgreens, Big Star, and the best non-deep dish pizza in the city, Piece. The Damen stop gives an unbeatable first impression to visitors arriving on the O'Hare Blue Line. I love the brick three-story walk-ups, and my labrador loves the three dog parks within a 10-minute walk of our apartment and the pools they feature during the summer.
- Wicker Park Resident

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