Edison Park

Chicago, Illinois


This classic neighborhood reflects the development of Chicago's values. Notable businesses and home-style culinary delights make Edison Park a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. This nostalgic feeling is combined with a semi-suburban environment, creating a unique lifestyle for professionals and longtime residents alike.

Homes in Edison Park

Where To Live

The northwest side of Edison Park is considered one of the most serene neighborhoods in Chicago. Living close to Olmsted Avenue is advisable for commuters with the fast and reliable services of the Edison Park Metra. The shops and restaurants in this area make it a unique vantage point for all city dwellers.

Around Edison Park

Where To Eat

Family-style restaurants near Northwest Highway are numerous and popular amongst neighborhood residents. These small restaurants feature a variety of Italian and continental dining options. Edison Park features multi-ethnic cuisine and locally loved casual dining venues. Pastry shops and cafes are plentiful near Avondale Avenue and make for a great afternoon snack.

Friday Night Fun

Edison Park features an exciting nightlife with bars and small restaurants offering weekend drink promotions and specials. Classic Italian restaurants and pizza vendors make for a great place to enjoy a night out with close friends along Northwest Highway. After a casual beginning to the evening, locals enjoy unique cultural events and special events at restaurants and bars.

The Perfect Sunday

Strolling in Edison Park is a quiet and peaceful activity that residents enjoy. A Sunday foray into the small shopping complexes scattered throughout the neighborhood is the norm in this Edison Park. The crowd in this neighborhood typically enjoys a game of bowling and some classic Italian pizza before engaging in a community group or event in this family-centric urban neighborhood.

Living Here

Locals Love

A variety of casual dining options • Abundance of family friendly services • Proximity to the City.

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