Chicago Real Estate: Spotlight on Far North and South Side Neighborhoods

Living in Chicago doesn’t have to revolve around the Loop and the neighborhoods that orbit it. Homebuyers are widening their search and finding appeal in neighborhoods on the city’s Far North and South sides.

Here are a few such neighborhoods that have caught the eye of users and have a beloved reputation with their residents. Each of these neighborhoods has a distinct character, yet they’re marked by a quieter ambiance than many of the neighborhoods closer to the city center.

Far North Side

The Far North neighborhood of Edgewater is quiet and secluded


Edgebrook, intersected by Devon Avenue and I-94, is one of the city’s smallest neighborhoods. It has a residential feel with mostly single-family homes complete with yards. The lack of attached homes makes Edgebrook a magnet for families. Edgebrook’s distance from the density of the city’s inner neighborhoods also gives residents access to a lot of wide open space.

A recently completed extension of the North Branch Trail connects the neighborhood to the edge of Forest Glen Woods. Plus, the community is right next to Edgebrook Golf Course and another forest preserve.

With not much in the way of condos or townhomes, the median sale price in Edgebrook is on the higher end—in the mid $400s. But that price point is just an average. Homes listed in the area on range from the high $200s all the way up to the low $900s.

In December, the average sale time for a home in the neighborhood was 105 days, slightly higher than the 100-day average, according to data.

Rogers Park

Rogers Park can sometimes feel more like a Chicago suburb than neighborhood, but it has plenty of elements that make it attractive to those who prefer the urban lifestyle. The neighborhood is known for its distinctive public art, good food (a tasty tapas joint among the many options), and access to more than one of the city’s beaches.

Unlike its Far North Side neighbor Edgebrook, homebuyers are more likely to find a mix of single-family homes and condos. In fact, Crain’s Chicago Business named the neighborhood one of the hottest spots for condos last year. 

Whether you’re looking for a condo or single-family home will determine price. The median sale price in the neighborhood is in the high $100s with a range that dips below $100,000 and goes up to the high $700s. 

Homes sell slightly faster in Rogers Park (an average of 92 days) than in Edgebrook.

West Ridge

Typically the lesser known of the pair, West Ridge is located just west of Rogers Park. Yet, there are plenty of reasons that residents are glad to call West Ridge home. Aside from the suburban call within city limits, Devon Avenue is one the biggest attractions. The neighborhood’s stretch of the street, often called “Little India” or “Desi Corridor,” is rich in delicious restaurants, grocery stores, and boutiques.

While Roger Park may claim more name recognition, West Ridge was also one of last year’s hottest neighborhoods for condos, according to the Crain’s report. Attached homes are actually the norm here in West Ridge, and the median home sale price is in the high $100s, according to data. If you’re working on a lower budget, current prices range from below $100,000 up to $2 million for anyone seeking luxury. 

Homes get taken off the market in an average of 98 days, although that dropped down to 89 days in December.

Far South Side

The far south neighborhood of Beverly has beautiful homes


Beverly, bordered by Western Avenue to the west and a Metra Line to the east, is a smaller neighborhood with a big reputation as a family spot. The neighborhood has multiple parks, as well as access to public schools and a Montessori school. Residents here and in the neighboring Morgan Park are active in the community through the Beverly Area Planning Association.

The same Crain’s report that highlighted Rogers Park and West Ridge as top condo spots in the city named Beverly on the hot-list for single-family homes. Most of the homes in Beverly are single-family style, although you can find some low-rise buildings with condos. The median home sale price sits at in the low $300s, while the current range stretches from below $100,000 to the low $900s.

Time on the market (an average of 103 days) is fairly in line with the other Far North and South Side neighborhoods covered here.

Morgan Park

Morgan Park is closely linked to its neighbor Beverly. While Far North and South side neighborhoods usually lose out to neighborhoods closer to the Loop when it comes to walkability, things are changing in Morgan Park. A recent report found that walkability in the neighborhood noticeably improved between 2016 and 2017. Plus, Chicago’s dockless bike share program found success here and in Beverly.

Morgan Park is more affordable than Beverly with a median sale price of in the mid $100s and current prices ranging from below $20,000 to the high $400s. Single-family homes are the majority of options homebuyers will find when they explore this neighborhood.

Similar to Beverly, homes in this neighborhood stay on the market for an average of 105 days.


Thanks to new development, Pullman, directly east of Beverly, has been getting a lot of attention lately. The city’s plans for a CTA Red Line extension to reach the neighborhood, while developers are busily working on a new industrial park and mixed-use projects. The Pullman Park district also earned designation as a national monument.

While new development is putting a spotlight on Pullman, home prices are low at the moment. The median sale price in the neighborhood is in the low $100s with the range of current prices from below $20,000 to the mid $100s, according to data.

At an average of 132 days, homes spend more time on the market here than the other Far North and South Side neighborhoods covered here.

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